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Try to develop the planet in a sustainable way
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11 January 2012

Editor's review

Flying in the space and traveling beyond all the galaxy on a spaceship is one of the oldest kinds of game that has ever evolved. Galaxy Explorer version 1.0.2 brought to you by Novel Games is another such game but with little distinct flavor in it. The interface of the game is highly dynamic. You will be able to play this game both on your web browser or in other case you can easily download and install it in your system so that even you are not connected to internet you will be able to play it. When you will open the game in your browser, on the starting interface screen you will observer 3 buttons (Start, High Score, More Games). You will also find two links on the top right of the window with the help of which you can send it to any of your friend or put it in your site.

This game is all about you from a planet that needs to be develop and build your planet by collecting resources that you will find lying in the space. Once you start the game you have to use the arrow keys for controlling the spacecraft. All you have to do is to aim yourself against the shinning resources and save yourself from colliding from the asteroids and other celestial bodies. After collecting the resources you have to move back to your own planet and contribute in the development of the planet with the resources you have gathered. With the resources you will also be able to refuel your spaceship and repair it. The resources will get automatically generated again after sometime. The moment you develop the planet to 10th you will be honored as the winner.

With beautiful graphics and easy control of the spacecraft you will find this game really amusing. It deserves a rating of 3.5 out of 5 owing to its seamless game play.

Publisher's description

In this game you need to control a spacecraft to collect resources to develop a planet. Use the arrow keys to control the spacecraft to collect the resources and then go back to the planet, you can then choose to use the collected resources to refuel, repair the ship or develop the planet. The resources will reproduce by themselves after some time, so plan carefully how to collect the resources. You win the game when you have developed the planet to level 10.
Galaxy Explorer
Galaxy Explorer
Version 1.0.2
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